Monday, October 7, 2013

Surgery and the Hips - Part 4

A week after I was in Acute Rehab, I was moved to a nearby nursing home, where I stayed for 6 weeks. I wasn't able to return home due to the house not quite being set up for my needs.

Enduring 6-7 weeks of IV antibiotics via the PICC line wasn't too bad, but it definitely made things easier with the blood draws.

Physical and occupational therapy in the nursing home helped out in getting me back to being able to do things. It got easier to walk and do other necessary things. At one point, my hearing aid's earhook and tubing decided to go bad. This required me to make quick work in ordering replacements from the audiologist and replacing them on my own. That meant I had a week of not being able to use my hearing aid.

Jamie helped out in bringing clean clothes every week including some other things I needed.

The nursing home had daily activities, but I missed a lot of them due to PT and OT. They had these practice stairs which I couldn't use at first, then finally able to use it. But the spacer prevented me from using them effectively due to the weight limitation. After a bit of research and therapist recommendations, I picked up on a stairlift and had it installed the day after I got home.

Apparently the spacer has other ideas in terms of being able to sleep at times...