Monday, July 9, 2007

Day Of 7s, Camping, and Wedding Pranks

What does one do on a day where it's all one number, namely the number 7? People get married, play bingo, visit their local casino, whatever tickles their fancy. There's this bingo place near me, and I still haven't gone there yet. All I did was sleep late, see a couple friends about something, then run for some gas, Sam's Club, and a hardware store. I probably should have played something today. When it was 6/6/06, I was getting things together and done for my attending GMU.

The Deaf Sherlock mentioned the last time he went camping. If I'm remembering right, he went to Knoebel's Grove in Allentown, PA, and he camped alone. I'm not sure what year that was. I went with him one year and it was a great time. I have my own tent, one that can sleep 3-6 people with two doors, but we didn't use it. Seems we were using this wooden platform and we were having trouble trying to get it set up. Out of frustration, he left to get a hammer and some nails. When he got back, the tent was up. The people near us and Sherlock himself had their jaws on the ground. That nearly started be being called "MacGyver." And no, I'm not the MacGyver Bond blogger. Personally, I've not been camping in a long while myself. I still got the tent, but it may most likely need a few repairs. We definitely gotta go again.

And, to Jay and Casey, hope your wedding journey be good. Maybe later on I can get you two a nice wedding gift, something I usually give newlyweds that they can use. That reminds me... I nearly pulled off a wedding prank back in 1997 and posted it somewhere on a forum;

"I came back from a wedding of my sister, and nearly did a Men In Black parody, after my brother and I lit the candles in the beginning. That is, put on dark sunglasses and flip the brass candle lighters upside down, like the way Jones' character used that flashing rod device. Unfortunately, my mother heard about the plan and forbade it to be done. [sigh] The idea went over well in the post-wedding chats...

"Had it been done by my brother and I, we would have had an annoyed sister, one house that came down, as well as an upset mother."

Well, heck, they did it to my brother by spelling "FREAK" on the bottom of five groomsmen's shoes, one letter on the right shoe. Or was it the left shoe?

But whoa... Suppose Sherlock, Paul Ealy, and I got together for a cookout at a campground? I'm sure we'll get people from all over asking for samples of what we're making. It could definitely happen.

And... Happy 231st birthday, America!

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