Thursday, August 16, 2007

Growing up Deaf - Part 4

Adoption part 3 - Birth mom and I meet

We met up at her place in Arizona a few months later. The reunion was nice and quiet, one long hug in the baggage claim in the airport. Her husband has said I'm like a son to him. He's taken me on buggy rides through off-road trails in the Arizona desert.

Shortly after our second or third visit, her previous husband, my birth dad, called her and they talked for awhile. I'd still like to get together with him sometime, somehow. Through her current marriage, I have three stepsisters, and a few others that I've not yet met. Unfortunately, due to other circumstances, she and her husband are now divorced.

Through all this, adoptive mom has been very supportive.

A couple interesting things I found since moving to the DC area. When adoptive mom was in DC a few years ago, she mentioned that my first adoptive dad, the California highway patrol officer, has his name listed in the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial. He's buried in another state. I looked around and found a brochure on the Memorial and found it was on top of the Washington Metro's Judicial Square stop. She hasn't been there with me yet. When birth mom was in DC for a conference, we went to where her parents, who would have been my grandparents, are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

I've been to both places. The first time I visited, I wasn't able to leave either place with dry eyes.

I know many other deaf people have tried finding their birthparents. What were your experiences when you found them or they found you?

Next - Hearing loss diagnosis.


Kim said...

Hi, I'm glad to read your adoption story. I'm adoptive mom to my 3 children who were born in Korea and China. I'm not sure if they can ever find their birthparents, unless there is DNA database for adoptive children/birthparents. Consider yourself fortunate for meeting your birthfamily! And, I want to say that you're not someone who was discarded, given-up.. Your birthparents made the Adoption plan for you to be in a home where you can have good life.

My children now are 8, 6 and 5. The oldest son is comfortable with his adoption story - he asked million questions. 2nd son - he is starting to understand the adoption and yet still have some misconceptions. My daughter have not expressed any interest in it yet - She is kinda aware that she didn't come from my body - she came home from China.

Thanks again, Kim

ASL Risen said...

Extremely awesome Part 4 story about your birth mom and birth dad! Glad that you get to know that you have other step sibs!