Thursday, September 20, 2007

Growing up Deaf - Part 14

Attending College

I was accepted by NTID and I went into SVP 1983 (Summer Vestibule Program). It marked the first time I was going to be on my own in the dorms on campus away from home. That plus I was finally with other deaf people, more time spent with them than other times combined. This is where I was finally able to make and keep friends for much longer than my previous school years. I have at times found some from way back then. I knew no one at NTID when I first started there. Thus, like in previous years after a move, I started all over again in finding and making friends.

I was in Peterson Hall on the third floor all during SVP. It was during this time someone tossed a military smoke bomb on the opposite side of the fire door of where I was. Everyone on that side thought it was a fire and didn't leave their rooms, though there were a couple who did. It wasn't til much later when we found out more about the smoke bomb, which burned a crater in the carpeting and the floor. I still have the picture somewhere. They didn't get the person til about a year or two later.

My first year, I tried going into Computer Science, but had so much trouble with it, that after the third quarter, I went to NTID's Data Processing major. I was in the first floor of Bell Hall, which is now a childcare center. My roommate joined a fraternity and moved out, leaving me as the lone occupant in the spring quarter. I found later that it wasn't just me who had problems with RIT's course pace. I did pretty well in the Data Processing program. I even had accounting again, made easier by my having taken it in high school and was a tutor to some at times.

I had the same room on 10th floor Ellingson Hall for three years straight. Few people were able to do this, though I heard about a couple people who had the same room for four years. That may have been a rumor.

It was this time when I started socializing with other deaf more than in previous years. My signing skills greatly improved within the first year, and improved even more the next. I also managed to run a BBS (bulletin board system) on my computer in the dorms on the weekdays. This allowed me to meet other friends in the Rochester area, a few of whom I still keep contact with. I was also able to get out into the city now and then using the local bus service to go to the mall, a local Wegmans, the downtown area, and a few other places.

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Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know I am enjoying reading your life story. A lot of what you did in the past reminded me of my own in my hearing schools! Maybe add a few photographs of you in different grades and in activities... Do continue to write about your life experiences. And I am surprised no one has sent comments...

~ Just Deaf

Tom Willard said...

It was a nice stroll down memory lane to read your entry. I lived in those same dorms from 1980 to 1984. You may enjoy seeing the photos on my website from that time ..

RSGeo-007 said...

Thanks, anonymous. I get the occasional person saying the same thing and met another deaf blogger when I was out at NTID last month. Sometimes I wish more people would comment with questions and stuff, but just knowing people are reading can do just as well.

Tom, there's two more parts to the college posting. I didn't want to make them so large that people got bored halfway through and quit reading. I'm currently a little over halfway through the postings. I'm glad I'm posting them twice weekly rather than weekly.

I've got some pics posted here as well when I was at NTID's 35th;

I'll mention this URL again later on. I may be at the 40th, not sure yet.

Domvera said...

Hi Geo,

In fact, I enjoyed viewing your vlog lately. Until today, I didn't realized you are the alumni of NTID. That's why I have been figured out where you come from?

I was there during 35th Anniversary and there were too many faces to find. Definitely, I will attend next alumni reunion.

May I ask your permission to allow me to borrow your URL address to share with my NTID friends and remind them to go there next summer? Let me know. Thank you.

Nick Vera

By the way, I enrolled SVP'99 and graduated in 2003 with AOS in Business Technology. Then transferred to Gallaudet University and graduated in May 2006 with bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. Currently, I work at National Institutes of Health in Rockville, MD.

Anonymous said...

Just let you know that I am enjoying your posts about NTID. I was there '82 to '86. Hope you say more about NTID in your Part 16 post.

RSGeo-007 said...

Nick V, you're more than welcome to share my blog with your friends! It would be good to meet you sometime in person, maybe at the local ASL dinners or at the NTID reunion.

Anonymous, you're not going to be disappointed. Keep reading! I'm hoping to be able to write more after I'm done with the posts.

ASL Risen said...

Oh no! I m NOT BORED from reading your Growing Up Deaf! You did great job because it helps me to understand about your life! Awesome blog! I have some Deaf friends from my Oral Deaf Catholic Residential School did enrolled NTID.. Smile!