Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fire In The Mouth!

Seek Geo's Harry Potter Jelly Beans: Weird Flavors and HP Jelly Beans: Weird Flavors Part Two vlog entries nearly had me on the floor when he tasted the candies. I'll have to try them sometime.

His reactions reminded me of when I was out in San Diego at a costuming convention a few years ago and heard about a place called University Chicken before I went. They have something called the 911 Challenge, but it's not on the menu. You have to ask for it. Before they even make it for you, you have to sign a waiver saying you're not going to sue them for anything, etc. It's a rather hilarious thing to read. Then when they serve it to you, you have 10 minutes to eat 12 wings. You have nothing to drink and no napkins.

We're talking hot stuff. I barely finished with a few seconds left. My face and nose were red, nose and eyes were running, and tongue was on fire. Halfway there, it was getting hot, and then with the last three, whoa... I just kept going, ignoring the heat and then some. I don't even remember anyone taking flash pics of me or the entire store cheering me on since I was so focused on eating them.

My prize? A tshirt mentioning what I did and my picture on the wall. They were talking about it all during the convention, even bringing it up during a puppet show at one point, even after the con in some chatrooms and forums. They were teasing me about it here and there. "You're still alive?" "Can you still talk and taste?" "Can you still eat?"

I could probably do it again, but next time I want to enjoy the food there than try to make my mouth flame out.

You know when something goes in hot, it will come out hot? The next morning...



Seek Geo said...

OMG! You actually ate all 12 HOT wings?! I don't know if I can do it especially with no water!! Wow.. you are such brave!!

But seriously.. all that crap you had to go through just for a free T-shirt and a picture on the wall?

Ha.. I liked the end of post.. something goes in hot, will it come out hot? He he.. I can't imagine that!

I could give it a try but I don't think I can do 12 in 10 mins or less, though.

Bravo!!! ;-)

I want some more weird flavors out there to try .. hmm


RSGeo-007 said...

I didn't mention this, but these aren't your normal hot wings. I can eat the so-called "hot" stuff from the grocery store and ask for more. Salad peppers don't even faze me. I can eat a few jalapenos. I've had Dave's Insanity Sauce. What these guys used was habanero. They had to make it in the back. The sauce was so thick and sticky that I had to scrape it off my fingers every now and then on the paper 'plate' thing.

Another interesting thing is how my fingers felt afterwards, even into the next day. They still felt tingly and warm due to the aftereffects of being covered in sauce. It wasn't quite pain, just hard to describe, kinda like a very minor burn. Most likely it was the aftereffects of the capsaicin in the habanero.

Go here;


Now go down and you'll see a thermometer with 911, Thermonuclear, Nuclear, etc. The first time I was there, I had Nuclear. Then later I had Thermonuclear, and that opened up my sinuses. Another place in the DC area has these wings that are far hotter than 911, and I can't even get to the third wing since the sauce hits so fast.

It was a fun experience, though. I didn't disappoint people!

Seek Geo said...

Ouch, that sounds like real HOT.. I mean they don't make you to sign forms for no reason, I figured because they were so hot.

I love eating spicy food and I can handle hot for most part, but I'm not sure if I could handle these wings like you did, though but it'd be fun to try even tho it might kill me!!

Cluck-U Chicken sounds yummy.. too bad it's only out in East!


Sherlock Steve said...

I once had an experience of eating spicy chicken wings. But sadly, I had one chicken wing at the wrong place, wrong time.

Ever get fooled by a hearing supervisor that makes you look stupid? I told him many times, my hearing aid is in my right ear.

I had taken a challenge with a co-worker to eat a spicy chicken wing. I thought I knew I could eat hot stuff.
Well when my super was sitting on my left, trying to warn me the stuff was beyond nuke level, I didn't hear him.
So I got into the gusto. BIT A BIG BITE into the wing and the next thing I knew.. I felt a *WHUMP* in my mouth. I couldn't chew it. It got hotter and hotter.

the next thing I had to do was spit it out.. and then ran to the bathroom.. water didn't help. Ran to the bar and order milk. downed a full gallon. even ordered a 1/2 gal along with bread to help.

To this day.. I don't think I'll eat another spicy nuke wing again. that was too much.. my lips were blister for a while.