Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NTID Laptop Thief Using Info?

Earlier today I got back from visiting the local Capital One bank. Yesterday, I had received an account opening statement from them which had the correct address, but wrong addressee. I took a look inside to find that it was an account that had been opened in someone else's name and SSN but the account opener used my address. It was dated a day or two after the theft.

After checking with some people, I found that the SSN and birth date did not belong to them. So, off to the Capital One location I went.

I talked with the bank people and they thanked me for bringing it to their attention. While I was there, the person talked with the fraud people and they said that there were over 100 accounts opened online recently. I gave him my name and SSN for them to place on a fraud alert watch so if the person tries to open an account with my info, it will not go through. I also put a fraud alert on my own bank account at another bank.

I don't think I'd have gotten this far had I used the relay. It was worth the gas and time to get there, a 35 mile round trip.

One thing of interest. It is a classic scheme to send things like this not to the person the information belongs to, but elsewhere in the same city, somewhere in the same state or another state. Then when nothing happens after a period of time, the person may then start using and abusing it.

So again, everyone, safeguard your personal information.


Deaf Pixie said...

Wow, That's outrage about being theif their ssn and names, etc.

I am worry about our credit card can hurt us if somone did theif. I will be very hot boil!

Anonymous said...

Think about it...
If you can relay the message(s):
Id. Theft! FROM NTID- whom they did their part inform the World about a serious incident!
Thats all???
We had sweat and blood to contact banks, institutions, privatizations, investors... many more.....
Someone was right... all Credit Bureau will do only 90 days... What about after 90 days??
We shall set up Class Action lawsuit against them for simplification coverage. We, all Alumnus and current students wanted RIT to consume responsible to compensates every individual victims a full-year payments on all three credit bureau just like another corporation. RIT is mega-bucks!