Monday, August 10, 2009

Funny Food Names

While browsing the forum messages on the Deafness site on, I came across this message titled "Tall Jan" about funny food names and fouled-up captions. There's a food item called "MAMA" out at the local grocery store. Oh, the comedic possibilities...

There's always going to be days when you go grocery shopping in an ethnic grocery store and you come across something with a weird name. The Washington DC area has a number of good ethnic stores. Apart from the smaller individually-owned stores, we have multiple stores owned by a person or corporation. Todos is one, with Global Foods being another. I've been to Global Foods a few times for various things, including a 5 pound package of lo mein for stir fry.

Then there's a merlot wine called Fat Bastard I found and Sherlock Steve posted about it in The Austin Powers Wine!

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Angeli said...

Yep, and there's a major bread company in Mexico named "Bimbo", so if you go to a Mexican food store in US, the chances are that you'll see these.

And sometimes English directions on foods imported from other countries make for amusing reading.