Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Growing Up Deaf" Update 3

Sherlock Steve's blog post against the post! reminded me of a few things.

But first, in my Growing up Deaf - Part 11 post, I mentioned that I had printed information on MSSD, but never went. I talked with mom about this when I went home to join my family for a wedding. She said she and dad wanted me to stay home and learn more. I'll talk more with her when I head back sometime.

As mentioned before, I didn't quite get full immersion into deaf culture til college, with some immersion here and there in middle and high schools, deaf church ministries, and the deaf camp in Louisiana. My dad got upset a lot of the time when I had my hearing aids off, even when I was lipreading him. Did that make him an audist? I don't think so. They never forced hearing aids onto me, just encouraged me to wear them.

As for that four year old kid, the decision to wear his implant is up to him. It was a major mistake for the doctor to tell his mother to hold him down. I'm surprised someone didn't call Child Protective Services on the guy. Right now is the time for worried mom to work on communications, both sign and reading/writing. Nothing's worse than a deaf kid with no language. What a waste of a good mind.


Paotie said...

You said:

"As for that four year old kid, the decision to wear his implant is up to him."


While you are at it, perhaps you will allow ALL 4-year-olds to eat all the cookies and candies in a candy store, vote, pay taxes, smoke cigarettes and complete a synopsis of the Chaos Theory (or String Theory).

It is obvious you either do not have children or you are ignorantly clueless about what parenting is all about.



Anonymous said...

paotie.. don't you realize that a 4 year old intelligent enough to know that something is wrong when people hurt him? He knows enough to fear his mom, his doctors, and anyone else because of the meaning of pain. So now it's too late for that worried mom of forcing an implant on him. She's got to work for TRUST and love now. If he rejects wearing the CI.. this is his decision. Only when he's ready to wear a CI, he will do that. But being forced to wear a CI will cause a life time of resentment against everyone around him. and his mom will be the blame for it.

Robert said...

Want to try that again? I've got brothers and sisters. I've been there and done that. It's all in how you deal with the kids. They're at that age where they're asking questions. They have feelings and they have at least some intelligence.

Paotie said...

Robert ..

You said: "I've got brothers and sisters. I've been there and done that."

That ain't parenting.

You'd know by now that 4-year-olds are famous for throwing temper tantrums. Some parents spray water onto the child; some send 'em to Time Out; some children get spanked; some children are forbidden from doing certain activities until the temper tantrum subsides; some parents listen to wannabe experts who accuse them of being "abusers" who are "traumatizing" the child needlessly.

Like you.

Try, try again. And if you so strongly believe the woman was abusing the child, what's stopping you from reporting her to CPS?

Insulin pumps for children. And if a child refuses because the pump because it may be discomforting or painful and has to be held down so the pump can work, are you gonna report the parents, too?



Robert said...

Paotie, I'll say this the last time. I'm old enough to be your dad, and I'm old enough to be a parent, and I'm old enough to babysit a four year old. I have dealt with children even though I may, repeat MAY, not have had any. I know what four year olds are known for and capable of. Don't judge someone you've not met.

Thus, I'm old enuff to babysit yo' ass.

Read again. I did not say that the woman was abusing the kid. I said I'm surprised that the DOCTOR wasn't reported for making the damn suggestion to hold the kid down in the first place! A DOCTOR, of all professional people!

...and READ Sherlock's blog on the same topic as he posts about the same thing...

A diabetic four year old and a four year old with a CI are two completely different things. One needs medical help to stay alive, the other doesn't.

End of debate.