Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny Moment 3: Oh How Waffle!

There's always going to be days that someone forgets the basic rule of physics when heating up things in the microwave. Never keep a container tightly closed. I just had to make that mistake when I was in the kitchen alone late night some time ago. 30 seconds later after putting a closed and upside down bottle with the last of maple syrup, there's a puddle underneath. All I had to do was open it slightly over the pancakes.

*POP!* Impressive mess.

I just had on shorts and tshirt. I got it all over that plus my legs, the counter, and the floor.

Fortunately, it was an easy 5-minute cleanup and one minute change.


Sherlock Steve said...

I hope it didn't burn you, Robert. Just be thankful it wasn't water. One water I had heated exploded on me. Just barely missed my face. same goes for soup. how lucky I am? don't count it.

sigh. never put syrup bottle upside down. never again.

Robert G said...

Nope, didn't burn me. It was just warm enough since I didn't put it in there long enough.

Annie said...

This also goes for eggs. 20 odd years ago (not knowing any better) I stuck an egg in the MW, cooked it, took it out, broke the shell, and it EXPLODED all over the kitchen (who knew that one little egg could make that much mess! I don't live there anymore, bit I'm SURE there's still little bits stuck somewhere. :)