Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life's Little Musings

There's days that I wonder how things would have been different with me.

When I was adopted, mom was married to a highway patrol officer who died in the line of duty a little over a year later. I'm wondering how things would be different had he lived. Would he still be a patrolman? Would we still be living in California?

I started losing my hearing around kindergarten at 5 when we lived in Kentucky. Would I have still lost or kept my hearing if we stayed in California and adoptive dad not died? Things would have been totally different then.

Suppose I had not been adopted, kept by birth mom? I probably would be hearing. Would birth mom and dad still be married?

If I had been hearing, where would I have gone to school and college? Would I have been in the military?

Back in 1995, if I did not have that accident with the sign truck, I'm only guessing that my arthritis would not have gotten started and my knees would be in better shape today. Or maybe it would have had its onset delayed?

I'm also wondering how things would have been changed had I gone to MSSD and not gone to the School from Hell.

I'm wondering if it's possible to go back in time and check all the possibilities...

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Dianrez said...

Things that happened, happened. Some were meant to be, others were ordained by circumstance and decisions.

Exercises in imagination and "what-ifs" serve a purpose: to map out better decisions for the future or to teach others a lesson from one's own life.

Sometimes one can arrive at understanding by thinking about things, but this is rare. Understanding comes from communication with others, something we Deaf have to struggle to obtain.