Friday, April 22, 2011

You Have To Be Hearing To Say Yikes!

Seek Geo's Deaf? YIKES!! got me laughing a bit. Sure, I've had my share of people who have said "I'm sorry" when they find I'm deaf. Nothing to be sorry about. Let's communicate!

Two of the most oddball things I'd ever heard, and fortunately, I've only heard them said once...
- Heard from a friend who heard it from someone else - "If I touch you, will I become deaf also?"
- This was from a Christian Scientist mother whose son I was friends with. She thought deafness was caused by spirits or something like that. She asked me if she could cure me. I didn't laugh, just thought I'd let her try. She then puts her fingers in my ears after I take off my hearing aids, says something which I've mostly forgotten, one part saying something about deaf spirits. But of course, no hearing improvement.

I even had one person who took one look at my hearing aids, tapped them, and said "are these things on?"

Maybe I should have tapped the other person in the forehead and ask "Is your brain on? Good. Same here. Don't tap me and I won't tap you."

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Anonymous said...

Some one did tap my hearing aid to see if it was on. I stood up and knuckle rapped their forehead.
The person stood in fighting stance to asked me why I did that.
I asked him first of why he tapped my hearing aid. He wanted to see if I was hearing him.
I told him right back and said, Oh I do, buddy boy, but my hands that speak sign language are also defenders of my hearing aid.
What you just got was their "warning bark" that just painted a target right between your eyes and your forehead. They wanted to see if your brain was shifting from a stupid moment to a smart moment.
The poor SOB did the next best thing before I finished signing into a fist. He wisely backed out of the office and then ran for his dear life.
The boss came in and asked "what happen?" I told him what took place and added "the poor spongbob just found NEW respect for my hands".
Thankfully, he changed jobs before the boss fired him.