Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Avengers and Adoption

Just what is it with Hollywood and the movie industry these days that has to make stereotypical jokes? The Avengers isn't quite a comedy movie, but it does have its moments. The scene where Hulk slams Loki into the ground multiple times pretty much killed the entire theatre. I kinda expected to see people rolling down the stairs/aisles.

The subject of adoption over the years has been a serious one. Nothing funny about it. Those who were adopted were essentially given a second chance at life. Adoptees are not bad people. It's more of sociological and environmental issues that can shape a person's life.

Thor's flippant "He's adopted" comment could easily be better. Most likely a better line would have been "He's my brother, though he was adopted and his background was from those who are worse than us." Shows his love, but also his distaste for Loki's actions. Probably would have taken all of a minute to deliver that line. For those who have or haven't seen the Thor movie, that's still a good and neutral line.

We know children, in all their innocent wonder, can easily translate this into thinking that they're bad. In the petition, Marvel Comics: Marvel Comics - Apologize to Adoption Community!, Jamie made mention of children thinking just this.

One blog claims that Jamie's asking for a boycott. Not quite. If one reads the title carefully, it says "Marvel Comics: Marvel Comics - Apologize to Adoption Community!" Nowhere in the text does it have the word boycott. Just the word apologize. Big difference in definitions.

Adopted people aren't bad. They've just been given a second chance at life when the birth parents can't or won't take care of them for various reasons. My birthmom had her reason, and that one I can understand and don't blame her for putting me up for adoption.


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, it was a joke. Your suggested replacement line ALSO references adoption, it simply lays out in a clumsy and retarded fashion what anybody with a handful of brain cells could infer from the much funnier and simpler "He's adopted" line.

What Thor's brief, clipped response shows is that his regard for his brother is that instinctive bond of one brother for another, but that he is himself embarrassed and ashamed of him when confronted by what his brother is/has done and tries to distance himself from him.

Yes, he's my brother, but we are not related. He is not like me and I am not like him.

Your reaction to the line is pathetic. Your supposed "improvement" is just plain idiotic as not only is is less effective but doesn't even address your original complaint - referencing adoption.

Get a life, and if you can't afford one of those, just try to scrape some change together at least for a sense of humour.

Robert Goodwin said...

*A* joke? Have you followed the other adoption-related boards out there? Have you heard how it affects kids also? One child even asked if she was bad just because she was adopted. Adoption is a complex issue, and it's understandable how even kids out there can misunderstand. This same exact thing follows those in foster homes waiting for adoption. Even the older kids awaiting adoption can feel the same way.

I know my line references adoption, but it was a suggestion and was intentional. It doesn't have to be used. It could be modified a bit without turning the issue into a joke. I suppose you didn't read the rest of what I said? It was HOW the line was delivered, when put into context with the other lines delivered before and after that.

I have a life, and very much a life, and a sense of humor, thankyouverymuch.

Dave H, UK said...

For crying out loud, this is in no way having a go at the adoptive community.
The line is said to distance himself from Loki. You have totally misinterpreted the line, the joke is on Thor if anyone as he has to round on his line previous to that a little.

Stop taking things and yourselves too seriously, just enjoy the movie.

TrueCSR said...


Anonymous said...

So then the question becomes this. Is Loki a bad person because he's adopted, or is Loki a bad person because he gleefully killed eighty people, and was ready to execute an elderly man simply for the crime of standing up?

Robert Goodwin said...

TrueCSR, an adopted kid CAN feel that way. One thought that just because she was adopted, she was bad. Have you read the comments about kid's feelings on the Disney boards? Same with the ones on 73adoptee and Dr. Beth Robinson? They're on the boards also.

I do have a sense of humor about things, and was rolling on the floor with the entire theatre when Hulk slammed Loki around. But the adoption line, even when taken in context, was still uncalled for.

And Anonymous, he *CHOSE* to do what he was doing. I said in the blog that it's the sociological and environmental issues that can shape a person's life, including cultural. Ask any psychologist, anthropologist, and/or sociologist. Odin raised him as if he was his own son, and referred to him as such. I posted elsewhere:

"After slaying the King of the Frost giants, Laufey, in battle, Odin found a small Asgardian-sized child hidden within the primary stronghold of the Frost Giants. The child was Loki, and Laufey kept him hidden from his people, ashamed of his son's small size. Odin took the boy because he showed strength when Odin slew his father in combat and raised him as his son alongside his biological son Thor."

...and from Marvel's own Wiki under Trouble from the Beginning -

So, is this abduction, adoption, or a rescue? Could easily be a combination of the three.

And Dave H, take another look at how the entire scene was played out, including how the line was delivered. Now start reading the comments related to kids and how they interpret it. I do not need to repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm adopted. I didn't discover this until later in life.

For those of you complaining about what I found to be a funny joke (coming from a character known to be insensitive) offensive and rude, get over yourselves. You're just upset and bitter because you think your mommy and daddy don't love you. Maybe you're just seeking attention.

Regardless, if you can't make a joke about yourself, you have no right to make a joke about anybody else. So put on your big girl panties, and grow the fuck up.

Personally, I'm German and Polish (I listed those together on purpose), Mexican, and a rape baby. I find humor everywhere I can, including in myself. I am only offended by people who take life too seriously. If I had more energy, and time for these stupid people, I would start a petition against people like that. I have better things to do with my time than bitch about other people.

Robert G said...

If you read my blog's Growing Up Deaf series, you'll see my adoption background.

I could see the humor in this, but in this case, what made it less funny were the kids who misunderstood it and the way Thor delivered the line. I need not repeat myself here any more. Remember what a blog is for? Posting opinions and related. That doesn't mean I'm right all the time. Even I can be wrong.

...and then when you're offended or upset about something, maybe I can remind you of this and say "Now you know how WE feel!"

If you read this blog and my other comments elsewhere, I'm not bitching about other people. I'm pointing out the facts. There's too many trolls, overly judgmental people, and chronic/professional complainers out there. Maybe you should look at yourself rather than pointing a mirror in other people's directions?