Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Funny Moment 10: Subway Misdirection

A year after 9/11, I was in NYC for some personal business. I managed to get all the travel logistics figured out including how to get to a friend's place in Queens on the subway. But for some strange reason, I used FOUR lines rather than two.

As it turns out, I got on the wrong line, but it fortunately got me in the direction I was going. A quick map check showed me a few stops ahead was a line I needed to get where I was going.

I get on it. Only problem was that it was an express. Oops... Fortunately, the right train I needed was right ahead. I get off and wait for it to come along to take me to the fourth line to my final destination.

Fortunately, things went well after that. Can I say I'm a veteran NYC subway rider?

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