Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Post-surgery Knees - Part 9


Double and triple crap...

Just when I've been improving like I said in Post-surgery Knees - Part 8, something else comes up and it's a nice setback.

Seems I may need hip surgery since my left hip's giving me trouble. I'm figuring it's a fall I had in a parking lot that did it while going to an event in the early summer. I was doing good all through the summer up til a couple months ago. Then my ability to walk started getting worse, even using the cane. I just started using the walker for extra stability and it's paid off in less pain.

I had xrays done, and even a radiology friend doesn't like what he sees. I should know more soon with this doc appointment in a couple weeks.

And I was so looking forward to actually walking with the cane to get my degree...

And if this isn't bad enough, I need one more internship to graduate.

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