Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surgery and the Hips - Part 6

A lot of things have happened since Part 5. Around mid-January, I went from 10% weightbearing to 50% for two weeks, then finally full weightbearing. Fortunately, I'm now in outpatient physical therapy. That last "snowstorm" we had was barely a dusting two days before my appointment.

Then the DC area had FIVE snowstorms. The area school systems had snow days that were 3-5 times more than they were last year. Two of the storms caused my surgeon appointments to be cancelled and postponed. I never went out until the snow and ice melted. I was NOT going to go back to the hospital in pain if I was to fall and dislocate my new hip joint.

And no infection as of the end of January, what with my taking antibiotics for 4 weeks after the November surgery. That plus the infectious diseases doctor said they kept my tissue/blood sample for a bit longer time, about 10 days, to make sure there was no infection.

Now I can do things that I had to put off.

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