Monday, July 14, 2014

Surgery and the Hips - Part 8

I've had a couple big milestones since my last post.

Swimming and water walking are great therapy. The local recreation center has a more accessible pool that has no steps, while the local public pool has steps. I managed to get down them, however difficult it was. I couldn't do that last year. I'm still a little unsteady in the shallow area, but when I start walking in the deeper area around 4 feet, it gets easier. Physical therapy ended earlier, so I'm doing things on my own.

Then later on, Jamie and I were invited out to a dinner party with some other deaf people. It looked like I just had two steps up into the house. Then I go up the first step, and look inside, only to see several more steps after the first step inside, each going up and down. I almost considered just going back home, but I figured I'd try and see how far I could get, what with all the physical therapy and other things I've done since the last surgery.

I managed to make it up there. Then down both sets of steps to the basement, doing it backwards, with another step to get outside to the porch. Then right back upstairs for dinner. Dinner was good, having also met and talked with various people.

I'll soon be starting the process of the next surgery. All this should help me get through it quickly. But none of us are in any mood to see me go through another joint infection. I'll be talking with the surgeon about doing what I did earlier after the third surgery, which was a month of oral antibiotics.

I've also had an internship with Sprint in Reston as a Technical Support Intern which ends near the end of July. They didn't have any problem with my physical therapy hours and worked around it. Normally, I'd be doing 11am-7 (going 3-7 when I had PT), though I had "class" with someone else, usually going 8am-4. Getting there, I used the Fairfax County Parkway and am usually able to get there less than an hour.

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