Friday, June 29, 2007

Lost and Found Pagers

Shortly before Berke Outspoken posted "Data Only Plan? Not Quite!" on her lost Sidekick, I managed to restrain myself rather well from killing her due to her nearly going overboard bonkers about it. I got plans for her next time that happens. Not to worry... I won't hurt her.

Since The Deaf Sherlock posted on this as well, I started wondering about a few things.

The local Washington Post had an article posted June 27 called "The Golden Rule, Slightly Tarnished."

While the article posts in a hearing slant, this got me wondering... What about other deaf people who lost their Sidekick, Blackberry, Ogo, or other pager? How did you get yours back? Did someone try to call you, IM you, what? Jamie's asked me the "what if" question a few times of what if the person finds, or at least has, her lost/stolen Sidekick, sees her IM name, IMs her, and tries to wheedle a reward out of her?

What sort of settings do you have on your pagers? Is it loaded down with private and personal info, enough for someone to imitate you? I currently have my Sidekick's mobile number forwarded to my IP Relay number.

What did you do in terms of getting it back, the reward if there was one, dealing with your provider, and getting a new pager?


Anonymous said...

I knew I lost my pager in Chick Fil A few months ago and went back to the place on the same day. I asked around, but no pager was found.

I went home and emailed to my pager. I told I would give a reward if the finder will return it to me.

The finder never returned it to me.
He or she already made 6 phone calls thru my pager to NY. I closed my account with tmobile. I got another sidekick and reopened the same account within one month. I still got my address list back.

gnarlydorkette said...

I lost my SK2 somewhere in London-- on the tube, on the double-decker, who knew?

I had a security code on it, and if you fumble around on it and it will pop up a message which I put down my email address to notify that if my pager is found.

I never got any email. Bummer. I still use this method for my SK3. Maybe I should add "reward"... and only give them 10$ after I got my pager from them. :)