Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gally Homecoming game rout

Saturday the 18th I was with Jamie at the Gallaudet Homecoming game against Southern Virginia. Sherlock Steve was there as well. Within the first quarter, the score was 0-20.

But whoa... Is it me or are the student groups improving their food offerings? Though they may be a little overpriced, there's still some gastronomic delights being served, including the ice cream table. Sorenson was there, as well as NVAD and a few other groups. Jamie was pulled aside by someone who mentioned the new Gallaudet Museum.

As the game progressed, more people started to leave the game, either to talk for awhile or just to leave campus. The bookstore is always a great place to go within the student center. The street area between the SLCC and stadium were loaded with people all through the game, and you can count on that for future games.

Gallaudet Loses Homecoming Game to Southern Virginia 44-9

In the fourth quarter, Gally managed to redeem themselves by way of a safety and a touchdown. Then the final buzzer had the score at 44-9. Tough team, that Southern Virginia, but I think we can do better next time.

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