Thursday, October 9, 2008

NEVER Give Out Your Password! (Part two)

A month ago, I posted this article, Give Out Your Password? NOT! NEVER! It's even more urgent and very important that you do not even give your password out to anyone, not even someone who claims to be your friend. Here's why;

Internet scammers target deaf community

The scam works exactly the same way in every time. They say you've won money or something like that. In reality, you haven't. The account of someone you know is compromised somehow and this person impersonates them. They'll IM everyone on the buddy list. Then this same person on a second account talks to you, and tells you to talk to your friend or your friend will talk to you.

This is your classic confidence or similar scheme.

How do you defend yourself? A good password not found in the dictionary that's at least 6 characters. That plus never giving out your password to anyone. Even better is to actually pay attention to how your "friend" is typing including use of capitals and lower case and English. There's a way to know if it's your friend or not;

- certain things only you and your friend know, change the details of them.
- Ask them about how their husband/wife is, but this time, use a completely different name.
- Ask if they're going to this imaginary event/movie next month with you.
- If the actual owner of the account has an illness, give a different name than what the illness is and ask them about it. For example, if they need surgery on their arm, ask about their broken leg.

If the person doesn't even make corrections to your 'mistakes'...


It works every time without failure.


Sherlock Steve said...

good work.. perfect post.. important.

MrDavesmagic said...

I have had messesages from them as well, saying that I have won $100,000.00, and they asked me for the AIM password. I said I'm sorry, I'm tracing your password, and your IP, and watch them sign off so fast!!! I enjoy giving them a hard time.