Monday, March 23, 2009

Post-Knee Surgery Exercises

They say that putting your knee back to work after a total knee replacement is important. They're so right. Check Marie's post, Exercise after a TKR Is Critical, and article link within. Within two days of surgery, you can put your weight on your new knee unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Here's a listing of exercises that have helped me out greatly;

- leg lifts - 20-40 twice a day,
- side to side leg slides - 20-40 twice twice a day,
- heel slides - 20-40 twice a day, hold in extended position 5-10 seconds,
- foot slides - while sitting, slide your foot backwards on the floor, using your other foot to assist if needed, and hold for about 20-30 seconds. You may have to move forward a little yourself. This may be a bit painful.
- Ways to Elevate Your Leg While Sitting At A Desk - I use a computer case,
- if physical therapy calls for it, a 4-pound weight on the knee for 2-4 minutes,
- take a walk around the house, inside and out, and maybe to the mailbox and the corner, and if you can, walk further, and,
- in a swimming pool, walk forwards, backwards, and sideways - 3-4 laps each

It helps also if you do upper body exercises with weights and stretchy items. Don't have weights at home? Improvise.

But first, talk with your physical therapist to determine what program is best for you.

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