Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bringing Down the House

Anyone just about bring down the house in class, that is, cause the entire class to fall over laughing? Seems I did it unintentionally a few years ago.

I was still going to the local community college, and I think it was my second semester there. I borrowed a fiber optic cable from a friend and put it in my jacket pocket with a flashlight and went to class. I pulled out both and the entire classroom promptly went to pieces.

I was told later by a classmate that right at the same time I was pulling them out, the instructor said; "...we don't have fiber optic cable so I can't demo it..." I had also completely missed my interpreter telling me what the instructor said. The instructor just kept talking like normal.

Anyone do something like this unintentionally?


Jim said...

Wow, what a way to mess up a class for the instructor. I sure hope the instructor did not know it was you that did it. If so, what happened? Grins.

RSGeo-007 said...

Oh, he knew, but didn't acknowledge it. Hard to miss me since I'm right in front. I just pull it out and hold it up a little, then the class falls down. He comes over and takes it and does the demo.

I didn't realize the entire classroom had died, only hearing one person behind me laugh. It was another classmate on AIM who told me more.

I'll do another similar post soon about a presentation I did that really brought it down.