Monday, December 10, 2007

Life Eggs You

We were doing wraps for dinner. Someone wanted Subway, but Jamie picked up some stuff from the local grocery store to make our own. So, we cut things up, me doing most of the work. Only thing is, I did the eggs a bit wrong. I let the water boil, then dropped two eggs in there, and they cracked a bit. I dropped in two more, this time putting them deeper in the water before letting go. No cracks. Then I take the two cracked ones out, but they're not quite done yet, runny yolk.

So I put the yolks in the microwave for 30 seconds. Almost done. Tried another 30 seconds.

20 seconds later... *BOOM!*

wow... My hearing aids were off, yet that was loud enough for me to hear since I was so close by and was watching it.

What a mess. Easy cleanup, fortunately.

The other two I left in the pot to cook a bit longer cracked also, but not as bad. They came out better.

Jamie looked at me like "WHAT?!" when I told her about the microwave.

Either way, good dinner.

Next time I want to blow up eggs, I'll use an M80.


Anonymous said...

Which company made your hearing aids?

Jim said...

LMAO. Boy, you make that Microwave really handy to blow up a lot of things. I will never forget you blowing up a Potato in the Microwave at NTID. You should write a book about what fun things you can blow up in the Microwave but yet warning, Microwave must be cleaned up after used. Grins. Thanks for a good laugh. How bout using a Fire Torch to cook the eggs? Just a thought.

RSGeo-007 said...

Oticon makes my hearing aids.

Jim, a "Microwaved Food Explosives Handbook?" Could be done. That microwave could be demolished if we put in the right stuff. YouTube has a few videos of just that.

Jim said...

Anyone who reads this blog and wants to see really extreme Microwave experiment with Fire, Lightbulb, Foil, or CD, here is the link to the video:

I hope you learn something from it. I would never do what they showed in the video.

Sherlock Steve said...

I'll tell you this: I remember in 1981 SVP of NTID year, we had scores of kids putting eggs in the microwave and then setting them off. One group of SVP floor attacked my floor's microwave pretty much on a daily basis. It looks funny, but gets ugly after that.

There was a plan of action for us. We knew which floor that was doing it. One weekend, some group of kids from my floor went to wegmans and they brought and brought a lot of eggs. They split about a 1/2 dozen for each microwave,but for the floor that attacked our microwave, some one told me that they put 1 dozen eggs in each microwave on that particular floor.
The object was to do a precise attack at one time. Everyone went to each floor's stairwell door. At the precise moment of our watches, we yelled "GO!" pretty loud. Lucky for us, the lounge doors were always unlocked. Every Microwave was filled, set the time, and then get out of there. The RAs were pissed. Campus Life wasn't pleased. After that, the lounge doors were locked.
Revenge made sweet? Only if you love the smell of eggs and limburger cheese in one microwave.
But ever time I hear about an egg exploding in the microwave, I'll never for get it.