Saturday, January 10, 2009

More on the Knees and Surgery - Final

After much anticipation, I got home Saturday afternoon after I signed some paperwork and Jamie took me home. With some difficulty, I managed to get up the stairs. The steps will get easier in time.

The interpreters did a good job despite the somewhat crowded rehab room throughout my stay at the rehab facility. I did manage to meet a few of the residents. One resident in particular that stands out is one who appears to be a little younger than I am, and is working on her body strength. We talked about total knee replacements as well, which could help her some. Another resident had a combination hip and knee replacement.

One interesting thing was my transport from the hospital to rehab center. There was a transport team of two people, one who was deaf, that was assigned to me. While his partner drove the short distance to the facility, we managed to talk the entire way. They did a rather good job with communications and humor, particularly when I nearly managed to move myself. The deaf fellow said he had been on the job for 3 years, and it was only this year that he encountered two other deaf before me.

Other than that, I've got an appointment after this weekend with the surgeon and will be having a home therapist help out with things.


ElaineE said...

Ah..had the same thing done on 12/15 - a computer assisted navigation procedure - minimal knee invasion surgery- 5.5 inches with 17 staples down middle of knee. Started cane after 10 days.. now bending at 113 degrees. Good interpreter services here in Spokane..discharged after 3 nights 3.5 days during a blinding supersnowstorm in this area ! I'm 64 so not sure if you are same age range or younger?

RSGeo-007 said...

Most likely you had a different form of knee replacement. You might want to check with your doctor about the different forms of knee surgery, ranging from arthroscopy to a total knee replacement, which is what I had.

I'm 44.

ElaineE said...

Actually I did have total knee replacement but the docs used a new technology(computer assisted navigation) that is less invasive than traditional knee replacement surgery - they call it "minimal invasive total knee replacement. This means less tissue damage and faster recovery time. it has been around for 5 years now and insurance doesn't cover this so I paid for that part - $754 but got a $200 discount for paying within 30 days so only paid $554. Had cortisone shots 3 times on that knee before proceeding with the surgery. Will have it done on right knee sometime in the near future as I don't have any cartilage left on right knee - had arthroscopy done there also 7 years ago. go on the internet and look up Minimal invasive knee replacement.. lots of info and graphics there!