Thursday, January 8, 2009

More on the Knees and Surgery - Part 6

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted, but things have been changing quite a bit here. I've still got the interpreters, and physical and occupational therapy have been working with me to get me to go home...

Not Tuesday... Not Thursday... But Saturday.

Seems it was due to insurance reasons. Don't ask me why.

That plus occupational therapy has been putting me through the motions of seeing what I can do at home. They watched me take a shower using a bath seat, make something in the kitchen, go up and down steps (I'm still doing it sideways due to my other knee needing a replacement), and some other things. I'll probably be taking a couple items home to help out with recovery. Seems I'm pretty much an independent guy.

I'm actually walking much further with the help of a walker. Not sure when I'll be able to graduate to a cane and when I'll be able to fully straighten out the knee. I'll be having that CPM machine and home therapy as well. A hearing blog, Booktoots's Weblog, has been my source of information about someone else who went through the same thing.

Sherlock says I'll be having some future posts about my experiences in his Deaf Anthology's post of the Deaf Sherlock post. He's right. I'll be posting some thoughts about what I went through. It's not all negative, rather, mostly positive. Give me a little time to do a writeup.


Marie said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for mentioning mine and how you enjoy it. It's nicing knowing those of us going through a total knee replacement can share experiences.
Good luck and keep in touch!

Marie (aka Booktoots)

Lantana said...

Hi, I have not kept up with this blog, sorry, busy, but it does interest me alot. I had a total knee replacement in February of 2006. I had an interpreter on surgery day, that was all. I took it upon myself to do research beforehand, and as it turned out, my intepreter had had both of her knees replaced, so we were on common grounds. I was in the hospital for 4 days, and that is another story, but anyway I did not have any rehab except for what they offerred me at the hospital. At home I followed all of the directions that were in the various brochures. 'Three years later, I am in great shape and can even kneel and chase my cats out from under the bed! I wash out my own tub. I mop my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. "Mind over matter"!

RSGeo-007 said...

Marie, good seeing you here. So far, I'm doing good, just want to graduate from the walker to the cane. I'm wondering if your previous injury as you mentioned before, the car accident, could be contributing to your continued difficulties with stairs and other things?

Lantana, thanks for sharing your experiences. Probably rehab could have helped you out some. When I had my arthroscopies, it was my drive to walk again that got me back to walking quickly. But a TKR is a completely different thing.

I'm hoping I can do as well as you are before my other knee is done.