Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seeing the Knee Doctor

I had a recent appointment with the knee surgeon. One question I asked confirmed what I had thought the entire time. He agreed with me that the knee would have fused itself at an angle within 1-2 years. In short, I did this at a good time, despite having to put my classes and other things on hold. This could be a good thing with this recession.

While at the office, they did three x-rays and it was quite interesting seeing the new knee setup. It helped that I talked with people and done research on what I was getting myself into. That pretty much makes it easier to talk with the doctor on his level to an extent.

One thing with the home therapy people... It'll be straight exercises, and I won't be using the CPM (Continuous Pulsing Motion) machine since I don't quite have the full range of motion on the knee, currently 10 to about 75-80 degrees. This can be good, especially with a few tight muscles I have, one of which is in the back of the knee. They'll be here 3-4 times a week, with me doing exercises on my own when they're not.

Most of the strips across the incision have fallen off and it looks quite good. I've not needed pain meds at all. Before the surgery, it was painful going up the steps, getting in and out of the car, etc. Today, almost *NO* pain.

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Deaf Pixie said...

Glad you getting better and no pain at all after surgery. Sound perfect..

Next week I am little scary for foot surgery. Due to lack of intepreter. I will bring NAD and interpreter agencies.

Thank goodness about your! I love your blogs, very much.