Monday, June 1, 2009

Netflix CEO Said No To Captions?

Did I read Jared's Netflix CEO really doesn’t care about subtitles/captioning blog post (including the shareholder meeting post) right? The Netflix CEO said there's no captioning technology or it's not widespread? Picking my jaws up off the floor, I read further...

"Mr. Hastings said other sites didn’t offer captions, and mentioned as one of them."

Does he live under a rock? Then he said we could receive DVDs in the mail and most had captions. That's pretty insensitive, ignorant, and dismissive.

Cry me a river, Mr. CEO... You've had two years to add this "nonexistent" tech according to this blog post. Check these sites out which have captioning/subtitling utilities and related forums;

Adobe's Encore has the ability to add subs. We know YouTube, CNET, and Hulu have captions/subtitles. Google has more hits on these using keywords (dvd captions), and/or (dvd subtitles), including (netflix captioning online deaf), minus the (). Check out Hulu Has Captions and Netflix Doesn't. Why?

Care to try that again, Mr. CEO?

Let's get a new Caption Action off the ground!

Update: I neglected to add the Facebook group Netflix Watch-Instantly Needs Closed Captions!


RLM said...

Thank you, RSGEO-007 for all your enclosure and this blog entry!

I truly appreciate your effort to put things together for this entry.


J.J. said...

Join the facebook group!!

Search for: "Netflix Watch-Instantly Needs Closed Captions!"

280+....the time is NOW for ACTION.

Right now I am doing research on Netflix itself...