Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More on the Knees and Surgery - Part 2

I had the surgery Friday morning. From my meeting with the surgeon, he's told me that my knee was in pretty bad shape. Remember I said it didn't have cartilage? Lemme put it this way...

Surgery time was 4 hours. The attendants in the operating room was shocked at how bad it was. He asked how I got into his office, and I told him I used the cane. It seems I should not have been able to walk like this, since my muscles weren't keeping up with things, meaning they were going downhill some the worse my knee got. The way he says it, within maybe 3 years, due to the scar tissue from the cartilage breakdown, it would cause the entire knee to become frozen.

I'm moving to a rehab facility real soon, and am cleared by another doctor to go.

It took Jamie Berke's help together with a little MishkaZena's in dealing with some interpreter issues as well as some other things. I'll let them tell more.

Total time for recovery from this knee will all be dependent on me. Apparently I got a number of people behind me who will prod me along to make sure I'm doing good. This most likely puts my classes and other things in limbo for a bit, but I will return.



Deaf Pixie said...

I hope your surgery is speedy and cross my finger for you about ASL interpreter.

Remind you to bring ASL agencies in your hometown and their business or fax. Cross my finger that interpreter should be with you as you need. ( I am sick of nurse or staff say I dont responsible to get interpreter.)

In case bring to NAD print out with ADA along before you dont forgot to bring it with you.

I complete go through feeling about your situation. I recall your blog has been written by your blogs that. it is not simple with forgien language is now popular for doctor or hospital always say I cannot afford the interpreter. NO matter what! ADA say no matter what they provided. if you are not happy .. Give a ADA and AGencies in your hometowm as you can have a business card before..
Remind you to keep paper and pen if ASL interpreter isn't with you and doctor or nurse. if problem Please asking RN and getting Interpreter coordinator with ASL intepreter. If not better.

Good lucky with your surgery is coming!!



Deaf Pixie said...

Forgiven me! I am little incorrect when I say Tell RN to remind to Interpreter coordinator in Hospital. Interpreter Coornindator often clueless about ASL agencies and forgien language are not the same agencies. You know what I mean. Many hospital looking for cheapest and bad interpreter. Must hire interpreter if forgien language service often dont have a 24 hours for deaf patient in ER.



Cindy said...

We're thinking about you and praying that everything goes well for you!

Classes? I don't remember you writing about any classes! What's your major?


Charlotte said...

My father just had his done yesterday! Perhaps I should get you two connected so that you can motivate each other in therapy!

I am happy to hear everything went fine and the surgery was successful.

RSGeo-007 said...

Cindy, I've had my classes mentioned here and there throughout my blog so it's kinda hard to miss. It's in Info Tech.

Charlotte, email Jamie Berke or use my email address found somewhere on this blog.

Margaret, you're right about the ASL agency thing. When Jamie and I brought up the interpreter issue to the nursing coordinator, she didn't believe us, neither did she believe at first that there was the ADA law. What really got our jaws hitting the ground was one of the nurses ask us what captioning is when Jamie mentioned it. I told them an acceptable substitute at the moment was writing. I will soon be having an interpreter for physical therapy.

Fortunately, to make things easier, I get the staples off (32 of them!) about Friday.

Deaf Pixie said...

Haaayyyy!!! Glad you confronted to Interpreter agencies. It is working well with ASL agenices. Make a sense. Many time they clueless about A.D.A.

Wow!! 32 staples. I recalled I had staple when I had c-section with second daughter.