Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More on the Knees and Surgery - Part 5

So far, so good. I've been having interpreters for my rehab in the mornings. It's been working out pretty well so far and the rehab center has been doing good on their part.

I've been making some progress here and there. It was difficult and painful enough trying to sit at the edge of this elevated mat to get the knee to bend properly, but it did at nearly a 90 degree angle. Another one was walking from the rehab room to my own room, something I wasn't able to do last week. I use a slider to help me in one of the exercises in bending the knee a bit more. The back of the knee is a bit tight.

The staples came out. It wasn't that painful, just looked it. The incision area looks pretty good, despite the knee immobilizer velcro strap rubbing a bit too much on one area. I'm using gauze pads to protect it. Sometimes I'll walk without the immobilizer. Now to see when I graduate from walker to cane.

My next worry is the steps at home since I'm in a split level. But of course, I can always butt-climb them. That's a rather easy way out, I know. Best thing to do is to go up and down the steps normally a few times a day.

According to the doctor, I go home about Monday or Tuesday.


Deaf Pixie said...


I know it is hard to getting recovery after surgery. It is much harder on you.

I glad that you have getting better. Interpreter issues is now solved?

Charlotte said...

I am surprised on how slow they are taking things with you. My father had has left knee replaced on the 16th, and he was in the hospital until the 20th. They had him working on the repetitive motion machine within 36 hours of the completion of his surgery. Before going home, he had to walk 100 meters, with a walker, and be able to bend the knee at a 70 degree angle. He's already at home, getting around pretty good for a 61 year old man! He will get his other knee replaced probably in march.

I will say.. you are doing pretty good, its a long road to recovery!

RSGeo-007 said...

Margaret, I'm Robert, not RLM. RLM and I are two different people. Yes, interpreter issues are resolved as I said before.

Charlotte, the time they're taking is due to how bad the knees were before and during surgery. I have a bit of muscle tightness as well in places, so it'll take a little time. We measured my bent knee at 60-65 degrees.

I'll most likely be having the CPM when I get home. Usage of the CPM is on a case by case basis depending on the person's knee condition. Like I said before, mine was in pretty bad condition, and it was obvious on the outside as well as the inside.

Deaf Pixie said...


Oh, oops! I did not realized two so similar which I kind of half slept.

you can see why I lives in Seattle and I keep think "Sleepless in Seattle" movie. Half way I was correct and half were incorrect. Lilly think I am lost in half time during day.

I got it! Forgiven me.

Deaf Pixie