Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More on the Knees and Surgery - Part 4

The saga continues of getting interpreters. At last posting, I said I would be getting one on Monday. That was the rehab center's time to show that they were serious about getting interpreters for me.

Monday after rehab, no interpreter. I talked with the business office to see what was going on. They said Jamie was a good advocate. Then someone told me that the interpreters would be around on Tuesday from 10-12.

The next day, I had one. It helped out pretty nicely, as I was making progress here and there. At one point, I was to walk around this table. I wasn't sure if I could make it. Then I tried. Partway around, halfway around, back to the meeting spot.


I talked with my doctor and he said I'd be going home in a week or two. The staples will be coming out Monday rather than Friday or Saturday as I thought. He even joked about getting me to play for the Redskins.

Hmm... Play for the Redskins. Not quite.

To walk, perchance to bowl again.

It'll happen.


Deaf Pixie said...

I am so happy to hear after I read your blog. Good plans to educated them better afterward.

Next month I will have a foot surgery on 29th. I pray and hope it is not mess up again last time the interpreter never show up for two hours. It was happened back in 2004.

Deaf Pixie said...

I agree with you about being advocated by Jaime. I think WE are love to advocate each other. You lives in East Coast. I lives in West Coast.

It is really worth to useful blogs,too!!